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Hermanas Oriol Govantes en la

This stud farm originates from the one owned by the Galbán family, direct ascendants of the current owners (heirs of José de Oriol Govantes).


The first documents that are preserved by the family date back from the 1st of January 1758 (18th century), having passed since then through eight generations.

In 1885, the horse brand already appears under the name of Don José de Oriol Galbán in the volume Colección de marcas o hierros del ganado caballar y vacuno de la provincia de Sevilla, formada por acuerdo del Consejo Provincial de Agricultura, Industria y Comercio (FACSIMIL), where all branding marks where registered. 


The initial purpose of the stud farm (18th century) was to satisfy the need for farm and harness horses for agricultural work and transport. But the owners’ passion for the horses, has made it possible to maintain the stud farm until this day, preserving its original seal, with the three generations that have preceeded the current owners being the architects of the selection that has given rise to the current stud farm.

The farm of the descendants of José de Oriol Govantes is located in the Hacienda de Santa Teresa, in the municipality of Osuna (Seville, Spain). This farm combines the agricultural work typical of the area, such as cereal crops, sunflower crops and olive groves for table olives and oil production, with the breeding of the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE).


Over the years, both the beauty and morphology of the PRE have been pursued, as well as its attitude towards work. Thus, great importance has been given to characteristics such as nobility, temperament and movements, producing horses with great aptitudes for dressage.

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